Sunday, January 19, 2014

Max Money "Luxury Bargain" That Is Money Property Under The Berne Convention, Hear Boy?

     Sunday, 18 January 2014, PATERSON, N.J. - I remember when that great American poet Allen Ginsberg's Ma lived up here by the Money cousins, and everyone wanted to meet him when he wrote that "Howl". I told him it was a good poem although he pronounced "poem" the same way as everybody in New Jersey except that jack-ass Governor Christie who knows I do not know why they did not just drive one of those two-story tow trucks they got on the GW Bridge up to his sorry ass and push his car right off the other end into Washington Heights and sayonora white boy might as well be in south-central L.A.
     Anyway I digress to that day I was speaking with Allen after a reading, and I said why are you pronouncing the word "poim" just like my Ma since being a great American poet you might as well know how to pronounce "poem" properly even if you are from New Jersey? He said, "Huh, I never knew that was how to say it",and I said "yup" I did not go to no Ivy League School (and it was NOT Columbia) just for nothing.
     Point is these jackasses trying to sell my "Luxury Bargain" name however it does not work that way because as we learned when everybody tried to extort the Fortune 500 companies by buying their "custom domain" names the courts real quick said "Forget it you ain't extorting them with your techie BS we have copyright law ever since the English common law so that means you lose go back to your garage in Palo Alto and try to extort money some other way propeller-heads'".
     Anyway point is anybody think they are going to sell my original creative idea just cause they can say "custom domain" they got another thing comin'. Sure do wish Neal Cassady were still around with that sledgehammer he liked to twirl to help bring the point home. End of warning copyright infringement and theft.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So Now Google Is Trying To Sell Us Some Gadget That Will Make Us The Number One Blog Gadget in "One Second"

       Tuesday, 15 October, 2013 - ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY - First of all the whole Max Money franchise of blogs, blogposts, daily circulation newspapers, monthly magazines, quarterly journals, annual directories and so on would like to give our annual BIG THANK YOU! to members of the Armed Services have served this country so valiantly and gone to such sacrifices to make ALL OF US go to bed each night so that each of us may feel that much safer and secure in this Great Nation of Ours. Yesterday let it not be forgotten was what once was known as "Armistice Day" come to be called "Veterans' Day" in honor of our Nation's veterans of all wars ready to make the Supreme Sacrifice for this Great Nation.
       Yesterday was not just another holiday it was Veterans' Day and if you could not take a moment of silent gratitude yesterday well maybe you could just do it today then. As my Mom sure knows it's just one more reason to smack me (gently with love) upside the head with one more reminder of what a loser I am. Well at least she says, "We anyhow know you are not one of those cybercriminals living off my Walmart card and my good name, thank Goodness you did not get the brains to even think you could do that. And she is right, man, I would rather spend a little too much time around the house or going out to get one or another computer fixed again, least I know I am not looking at some SERIOUS TIME for doing one of those cybercrimes.
      And the thing is people get so mad you try to take their name or stuff out of their computer they tell their Congressperson "we want some more laws" even if they do not know what they are doing and just plan and talk to each other about it, we do not want to see them out on the streets again for a long time. Speaking of people cyberstealing we all no doubts heard the latest now NSA stealing Google's pictures of our families' private birthday parties right "on the fly out of the  sky". Guess they were to embarrassed to just  ask the CIA to get them for them since CIA owns Google now pretty much anyhow.
     And just as a lesson I have added the kind of latest Google "gadget" you do NOT have to stoop so low to put on your blog like the one of course I just did on this one. The "gadget" catalog says just stick it in your blog "Gadget" space and in ONE SECOND you will have the top=rated blog. Now come on folks you are going to give us a bad name like dentists had when they still worked out of the carnival. Brother!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So What The Heck Nobody Messes With Max Money Going To Find Those Punks Give Them Some Luxury Bargain

       Tuesday, 15 October, NEWARK - They say a man cannot ever really change from his true character. Well Max Money says he do not even care!  Last time some punk tried to steal my blog you might have heard of it it was called "Things Go Better With Coke" we never even did get a chance to see if they reformed. That was when my uncle was the sheriff up there by the border with New York State, and those boys had to spend a VERY LONG few days in the drunk tank on account a they was driving and as bad luck would have it they got popped right there at the beginning a hunting weekend.
       Yes we sure do like those boys visit us up here from the City in those real nice new suits of therein from them fancy stores where the girls, excuse me, women shop for the makeup down stairs from the young girls made up to look like doctors of makeupcology er something I guess. I sure do like to go down there and get me a real haircut with a  balloon and and a lollipop like it while I watch them bean those really nice ones down in my face all covered with baby powder.
       They sue do smell nice better than a deer been dead in the heat of the trunk a few days and just waiting for someone like a cop to get a whiff a that. Oh yeah so where were we must have been at Maxmoney Luxury Bargain looking to get us some good deals on ponchos.
       Yes it sure can be a real good time going hunting with just you and your best friend going hunting with a couple of city slicker blog name thieves n your drunk, maybe make you want to shoot off a few round into the sign say "Whoa there cowboy, what the hurry" so we pops a couple more deer slug in it and make ourselves a couple more souvenirs and through d couple more six pack a speed sports drink in the back seat because gonna to look around a little.
       Now we going to have a us real long time someone ask me want another cold one well WHY THE HELL? Good. HMM. hmm, food. He here Larry he just try to make me nuts. Whooo eee! Pass that on oerfeh, simple gun.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Where The Heck Did My Sports Drink Go My Blogs Are Getting So Popular I Think They Stole My Property

       Monday, 14 September 2013, INDIANAPOLIS - See LBs let me show you how it is out there in the real world. Now we all know that I started my Moneymax Luxury Bargain several weeks ago because I thought it up all by myself. That is because I am NO THIEF like some people! I will tell you there is one thing a Money does not like at all, that is a thief.
       Well check this out. I started my Blogger blog using the blogspot domain name we call it. Sure we all know about that. That is what you my students are trying to do as well is think up your ORIGINAL blog names because let us hope you are creative enough that you just do not have to steal things. Well what am I getting at here. I could not hardly believe my eyes a couple weeks back. I was so excited about all the pageviews on my new blog, and hoping the best for all of you my friends out there like you, that I did not even notice what happened. Let this be a lesson so you do not have to be wasting your own time with lowlife scms when you could make much better use of your time than watching your back, if you know what I mean.
       I guess I had been having a bunch of sports drinks celebrating. The next thing I know one of my boys is cleaning his rifle, he says, "Pop Max (on account of what that is they call me) I just put the wrong address in the computer, but do you know what happened?  I see some slimeballs have taken my Luxury Bargain name and put it on their own web site. They are trying to sell it for more than one thousand dollars because they are too stupid to think up their own name and they think that no one will notice that I have already been using it to teach about one thousand people on my own.
       Now I know I have heard my friends say "You dummy that is a good name you should have bought it for a couple bucks from Go-Daddy. And I said "I do not have to because that is my ORIGINAL idea fair and square so when I put it out there everyone could see plain as day I thought of it first. Now that is what we call a copyright. What these greasers they are doing we call that thievin' because obviously they too stupid to think up their own good name. I do not need me any custom domain when I have a copyright because a copyright been around a lot longer with fair notice and in fair active use than some domain name.
       And the really good news is that my intellectual property so obviously was out there first that they are going to get to pay my legal fees. So you want to you please go out there and pay one or two thousand bucks for something that somebody just stole. So now guess what they can even pay for my lawyer, too, because, they had BAD INTENTIONS and they also had  PLENTY OF NOTICE. You cannot steal a copyright, like those people tried to squat on web addresses like Coca-Cola and such at first. Judge told them that was not going to work out so well either. Stealing is stealing.
       Anyway LBs now I thought up a good name it looks like, and I sure had not abandoned it as I was using it to teach my class and all kinds of other things. Now I guess they got to disclose not only they stole that name, they knew that someone that would be me is going to come after their you know whats it looks like so they better DIS-CLOSE that to some sorry fool they planning to rip off and leave with a nice big fat lawsuit.   
      So I want you all to take a lesson from Max here and show us all you can make money from nothing but your brain. Someone do you wrong just wait until the time is right you let them make some good money for their sorry asses so when the time is right you just go on in there and you get that money that is rightfully yours. Now we sure going to have us some fund with this one once the rest of my family gets up and we GET INTO ACTION.
       Until then you just be sure to take the straight and honest road, you will live a long happy life, and you will not spend your years living amongst low-life thieves too stupid to make their own honest living just waiting to sell some stolen property to some folks will not be too happy with them we wager when we find out.

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